Your ideas, need ideas, custom design something unique.

Custom Design something unique

Work with our designers to bring your dreams to life. Our craftspeople will work with you to translate your idea into a keepsake that is designed to last. We  offer you free estimates for any custom work you may be considering.

Repair all jewelry. Resize rings, solder broken chains, adjust watches and replace watch batteries.

Repairs, Custom Design, Jewelry

We have a full range of jewelry repair and maintenance services. From cleaning and tightening to repairing breaks and resizing. We can fix, rebuild or redesign any piece of jewelry including restringing pearls and beads  — our jewelers can help you in a timely and supportive manner. repairs

Wide range of interesting estate jewelry.


Appraisals are not just about knowing the value of your jewelry, but understanding its history. Appraisals are available on individual or a collection of items.